nepal: spectacular noise, breathtaking silence

Earlier this year I had the privilege of travelling to a slice of God’s earth I had only dreamed my two green eyes would one day gaze upon. Even now, writing retrospectively  on my time in Nepal, it is still a place in my mind that holds such allure and mystery – I know (one day) I must return to the land of the rising peaks and the coloured skies.

Nepal is a place that fuses the spectacular noise of a city full of life and culture, with the breathtaking silence of an untamed mountainous land – full of adventure.

I travelled to Nepal with two of my best friends – Brock and Brad. Theatre nerds at heart, I knew wherever I travelled with these two I would have the time of my life: every turn a spectacular show, a grand presentation. (Brock also decided to only bring one tiny bag with a few clothes in it – that too turned out to be incredibly entertaining). Our nepalese destinations for this trip were Kathmandu and Pokhara – two jewels of culture and hustle bustle – containing what I believe were some of the world’s friendliest faces.


After seeing MOUNT EVEREST out the window on our flight to Kathmandu, we flew to Pokhara on an airline Brad later told me had the worst track record in the world – brilliant!

Once we had **safely** landed in Pokhara, we experienced this divine small city located on the edge of the Himalayas.  We paddled our way (well Brock paddled) across Pokhara’s mesmerising sacred ancient lake surrounded by green hills and rice fields, sampled the local delicacy of ‘mo-mos’ while we enjoyed $1 Somersby ciders, explored sacred and hidden caves in the middle of the city and journeyed up through the mountains to discover small towns with breathtaking views.



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Phewa Lake

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Floating temple – on Phewa Lake

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nepal (24 of 4)
Colourful Pokhara

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Pokhara will always hold a place in my heart, not for its incredible charisma as a city but for the beautiful people that live within its borders.


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Kathmandu was a shock to me on first impression – my eyes didn’t know where to look, my feet didn’t know where or how to navigate through the never-ending sea of people, and my heart became slightly curbed with anxiety. I also received a lot of stares in Kathmandu – which I later realised were not meant in an intimidating way – I guess this tall awkward white girl in a yellow Spell dress was a bit of an eye-sore in the middle of Thamel!

After my initial culture shock I really fell in love with the bustling streets of Kathmandu. I felt like Doctor Strange, ducking and diving my way through the ancient streets (once I had gained some sort of idea where I was going!), chatting to the locals and bartering for woven scarves and rip-off t-shirts.

On this leg of our journey we travelled to ancient temples, ran away from incoming from monkey herds, ate traditional nepalese curries, walked the ancient streets of Thamel and once again drove up into the mountains to discover beautiful towns and awe-inspiring views.

Photo 29-5-18, 4 28 59 pm
Streets of Thamel

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A local schoolgirl wanted Brad’s chocolate bar
nepal (4 of 1)

At the end of our little journey through Nepal, we all sat on the roof of our hotel overlooking Kathmandu. We reminisced on the amazing time we had had together, the things we had experienced and the beautiful people we had met. We chatted about what it would be like to come at a different time of year when the skies are clearer and you can see Everest along the skyline. We threw around the idea of possibly trekking to base camp… Brock reckons he could climb Mt. Everest one day. Well, whatever the next trip, wherever we are in life, even if our hair is grey and life has kissed our skin with lines, “We’re definitely coming back to Nepal,” was the consensus.

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Brit xxxx

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